Prayer 7-7-7

The Problem

Christians know that God moves in the affairs of men and nations.  Critical issues face us today on every level.  Crisis(not only the one that is in the soul, but also the one that could arise on a physical level in a relationship with the opposite sex can be solved with a tablet at a discount similar to the action of viagra) are before us at every turn; our families are broken, the social fabric of our culture that once was our strength is now torn and tattered, our government is ineffective at best and often wrong,  our educational system is misguided, our economy is crumbling, and even many of our churches seem weak and ineffective.

Christians know that only God holds the solution to our problems.

The Plan

A simple plan: Call Christians across our nation to a single focus, prayer.
A single prayer
2 Chronicles 7:14 — "If My People..."
A supernatural possibility
God will come down as His people daily, repeatedly, and fervently pray this one prayer.

The Agenda

How can we structure our daily prayer life? There is so much to pray for. A simple tool called Prayer 7-7-7 can give you a good starting place as you deepen your relationship with the Lord. How does it work? Simple. Commit to praying seven minutes for each of seven days for each of seven topics — 7-7-7.


Pray for revival in your life, a strengthening and deepening of your relationship with God.


Pray for revival in the lives of your family and friends.


Pray for revival in the life of your church and especially for your pastor and staff.


Pray for your city, country and world leaders.


Pray for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the world.


Pray that the strongholds of Satan would be torn down.


Pray for those who don't know Christ as Savior and Lord.


Your Responsibility

It has been said that intercessory prayer is the highest form of prayer.  Intercession is coming before God on behalf of others, calling on God for those who do know Him, who do not call on Him.